Plate Cleaners

Plate Cleaners and Chemicals

181 True Blue Etch
A general purpose etch recommended for use on A.B. Dick 6-4000 Series direct image plates, metal plates, electrostatic masters, chrome rollers and rubber fountain rollers. Excellent pre-run treatment to insure quick roll-ups and clean backgrounds.

325 Pure Gum Arabic 14° Baume
Highest grade litho gum, micron filtered with no foreign material added for bulk. For use in fountain solutions or to preserve plates.

328 Metal Plate Cleaner & Desensitizer
A metal plate cleaner, desensitizer and chemical scratch remover that is safe for all metal plates. Eliminates oxidation, scratches and restores plates to run-ready condition. Its unique chemical desensitizing formula cleans up backgrounds and halftones without harm to images.

329 Universal Neutral Plate Developer
Our Universal Neutral Plate Developer can be used to develop most aqueous plates including Imation®, ENCO®, Fuji®, and Polychrome®. It has a neutral pH.

361 Premium Blue Plate Cleaner
We've taken the classic blue formula that pressmen have depended upon for years and improved it with a special scratch removing ingredient. Powers through dried ink and gum without damage to image. For use with all metal plates.

363 Finisher, Preserver, Cleaner
This proven formula is the ideal finisher for plates after processing and prior to going to press. It may also be used to clean plates on the press and is an excellent preserver for long term storage.

364 Black Plate™
Hurst Black Plate"! 364 Starter, Cleaner and Conditioner contains special wetting agents to insure quick rollups, while keeping screens open and backgrounds clear. Recommended for use on Megalith"!, and Silvermaster"! plates. Eliminates minor scratches and paste-up marks. Greatly extends plate life. Replaces etch with most plate systems.

392 SmartPlate™ Etch
A prewetting "etch" for use on laser plates. Special wetting agents prepare the plate for rollup and printing with SmartPlate"! Fountain Solution 390.

394 SmartPlate™ Prep
A prep for laser plates that removes scattered toner particles, permitting the printing of a clean, sharp image. Contains special wetting agents that make the background hydrophilic.



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