All day Gloves
Ultra thin design provides better tactile properties
Specifically designed as a lint free glove for handling film, proofs, transparencies, photo prints and digital output.  Gloves eliminate fingerprints and scratches. These gloves are dust free and combine thinness and close fit while minimizing clamminess and sweating. Ergonomic, stretch-knit design helps reduce hand strain and user discomfort. Unique finger-tip design on Micro-Dot gloves provides maximum dexterity.

bulletMeet the demands of all photo and press professionals.
bulletSeam-free construction from a new PHA fiber for long term use.
bulletElastic cuffs keeps gloves in place.
bulletAmbidextrous, reusable and launder able.
bulletProvide excellent dexterity and sensitivity during routine procedures. 
bulletProtect film, plates, inkjet prints, photographs, and circuit boards from fingerprints.
bulletAvailable with micro-dot on one side.
bulletPackaged five pair of same size per box. 

All Day Nylon Lab Gloves

 Part # Size
GLV-NLGU Universal


GLV-NLGMD1U Universal

White Cotton Gloves- Lithco 

Eliminates finger prints.
White cotton inspectors gloves are made from smooth, lightweight, durable and washable 100% cotton. Protective sensitive materials including films, plates, ink jet prints, photographs, circuit boards and more. Interchangeable, one size fits all.

GLV-C  2 pairs
GLV-CB 48 pairs


Shur-Fit Disposable Vinyl Gloves - Lithco

The optimum blend of comfort, sensitivity, fit and protection.
Made of virgin vinyl SHUR-FIT gloves have been specially compounded to be softer and more flexible, yet resist tears and ruptures. Lightly powdered they feature built-in stretch for easy on and off The seamless construction offers excellent resistance to prepress and press room chemicals. Available in four sizes and interchangeable for either hand. Medical grade only... they are guaranteed to do the job or you get your money back. 


Embossed Poly Gloves - Lithco

Embossing gives the user distinct advantages...increased sensitivity, cooler than flat plastic and a firmer grip. Additionally, they are sanitized, offer protection from chemicals and eliminate fingerprint transfer. Available in three sizes and interchangeable for either hand. Sold in handy packages of 100 gloves or economical bulk packs of 1000.


Disposable Nitrile Gloves - Lithco

Nitrile is more chemically resistant than vinyl or latex.
These tough durable gloves provide added protection from punctures and tears, and they are only 4 mil thick o they offer extra sensitivity and comfort. Beaded cuff for easy on and off. Allergy free. Note: Due to sizing differences, we recommend ordering a size larger than your normal disposable gloves.

Part #  Description
Shur-Fit Disposable Vinyl Package 100 box, 10 boxes per case
GLV-VS Shur-Fit Disposable Vinyl Gloves  Small
GLV-VM Shur-Fit Disposable Vinyl Gloves Medium
GLV-VL Shur-Fit Disposable Vinyl Gloves Large
GLV-VXL Shur-Fit Disposable Vinyl Gloves X-Large 
Lithco Embossed Poly Gloves 100 per box, 10 cartons per case
GLV-PS Embossed Poly Gloves Small
GLV-PM Embossed Poly Gloves Medium
GLV-PL Embossed Poly Gloves Large
Embossed Poly Package 1000 per box
GLV-PMB Embossed Poly Gloves  Medium
GLV-PLB Embossed Poly Gloves  Large
Lithco Disposable Nitrile  Package 1000 per box
GLV-NS Disposable Nitrile Gloves Small
GLV-NM Disposable Nitrile Gloves Medium
GLV-NL Disposable Nitrile Gloves Large
GLV-NXL Disposable Nitrile Gloves  X-Large


Jomac Brand-Heavy-Duty Disposable Green Vinyl Gloves

Heavy-duty, yet affording plenty of feel. these gloves protect against every thing from ink covered rollers and dirty dampening covers, to full scale press wash-ups.

Part #  Size Quantity
JOM-GVGM100  Medium 100/box
JOM-GVGM300 Medium 300/bag
JOM-GVGL100 Large  100/box
JOM-GVGL300 Large  300/bag

Jomac Brand Nitrile Disposable Gloves
A form fitting. lightly textured, sure surface glove, offering superior protection. They have a higher resistance to tearing, punctures and chemicals than either latex or vinyl.

Part #  Size
 JOM-ND100S Small
 JOM-ND100M Medium
 JOM-ND100L Large

Neoprene Gloves - Lithco

Perfect for press wash-ups, deep-etch plate processing or processing cleaning.
These heavy duty gloves protect hands from exposure to most petroleum products, caustics and acids. Textured palm and fingers provide a non-slip grip. Color Black Length approximately 11". Three sizes available 

Part #  Size
GLV-NPM Medium 

Nitrile Gloves - Jomac Brand

Nitrile rubber is highly chemically-resistant and resists punctures and tears for a longer life. This flexible glove has an embossed diamond-treat design to give you a safe, sure grip when handling slippery items. Bright green color for high visibility makes them extraordinarily safe for working near moving machinery parts.

Part #  Size
 JOM-GLG8 X-Small
 JOM-GLG9 Small
 JOM-GLG10 Medium
 JOM-GLG11 Large 


Disposable Gloves 100 box

 JOM-ND100SBC  Small
 JOM-ND100MBC Medium
 JOM-ND100LBC Large


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